4 Essential Tools for Digital Transformation

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It looks like digital transformation is one of many hottest topics in the world of business. Most businesses are utilizing at least one tool to automate an activity and 89% of all companies have previously adopted a digital-first business strategy or plan to accomplish so.

If you haven’t started using tools yet, your business doesn’t have a fighting chance. The reason being consumers have learned to anticipate the quality of the service only companies that have been through digital transformation can provide.

If you intend to have satisfied customers and make your employees’jobs easier, listed below are the various tools you need to use.

Plagiarism Checker

Content marketing is one of the very most successful and most frequently used forms of marketing strategies. Businesses produce a lot of content every day. This content can be in the proper execution of blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, and more.

If you’d like your content marketing strategy to be successful, you need to ensure everything you post is well-written, provides quality to the reader, and most of all of all, is unique. If you merely steal someone else’s work and present it as your own personal, that’s plagiarism.

You will find multiple reasoned explanations why plagiarism is bad, but you can find two that will negatively impact your company. Your audience will begin to catch on and won’t help you as a trustworthy business anymore and Google will penalize your blog, leaving you with no high-ranking position.

To truly have a good content marketing strategy, you need to write your own personal content. But sometimes, even when you’re not copying someone else’s work, accidental plagiarism can still happen.

In order to avoid that, you can use a plagiarism checker for every bit of content you write. This tool will begin to check the authenticity of your text, see when there is any similarity to other content on the internet and demonstrate a similarity percentage, helping you stay ethical.

Social Media Tool

With so many businesses on social media, it’s no real surprise there are various social media tools on the market. If you’d like your marketing efforts to cover off without spending hours hunched over some type of computer, you will need a social media tool.

Here are some of the things you can do if you use a social media tool:

Manage multiple accounts at the same time. Remembering multiple login information details and learning different interfaces can be a challenge, but most of which can be avoided if you use the right tool.

Organize all of your conversations. It’s almost impossible to maintain with all the messages on different platforms and remember important details from conversations. A social media tool will help you organize the conversations, look for keywords in conversations, and keep everything organized.

Schedule your posts. One of many keys to an effective social media marketing strategy is to publish frequently and keep a regular posting schedule. Doing this manually takes a lot of work and it could be much easier to simply use a tool and schedule these posts in front of time.

It is also important to note that the type of social media tool you should utilize depends on the platforms you’re most active on. For instance, if you’re trying to gain visibility on LinkedIn, the only real business-oriented social media platform with over 800 million active users, you will need a LinkedIn tool.

LinkedHelper is a good choice because it’s a lead generation tool that is included with numerous features. With it, you can build smart message chains, manage contacts, grow your network, and much more. You are able to visit the site to find out about this tool.

Project Management Tool

As a small business owner, sometimes you might feel just like you have a lot of on your own plate and you can’t match everything that needs to be done during a single workday. And the more employees you have, the harder it becomes to keep track of everyone’s tasks and responsibilities.

If you intend to enhance your team’s efficiency check it out, ensure everyone is always on the same page when it comes to duties, and ensure all the projects are completed in time, you will need a project management tool.

This tool will allow you to create tasks and schedule them, assign team members to the right tasks, stay glued to timelines and deadlines, track progress, and increase overall efficiency.

Communication Tool

The success of any organization largely depends on how well its employees keep in touch with one another. Poor communication can lead to too little productivity, misunderstandings, and a spread of misinformation.

Stellar communication is especially important now when so many businesses have adopted the regime of remote work and many coworkers no more share an office space. Luckily, you can find various digital communication tools you can use to make sure everyone stays in touch.

You will find ways you can use communication technology to enhance your company’s efficiency. And because of tools that were created especially for businesses and come with all the current necessary features, it won’t be difficult to ensure great communication and collaboration.


The rapid advancement of technology sometimes seems daunting. That’s why some business owners are reluctant to step into the entire world of digital transformation. They simply don’t trust these new tools.

However, digital transformation should be embraced and welcomed because modern tools can only just make your job better and your company more profitable.

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